Justin Lilley is a law graduate from Cardiff University, with arthritis and spondilitis   and an interest in economics and philosophy. Justin began coordinating a support group for Positive Money in November 2011 and was part of the original cross party group for money reform at the Welsh Assembly. Justin will act as chair until August 2014. If you would like Justin to speak at your event contact 07552676919


Dr. Ian Jenkins published a paper on Public Banking in Wales in November 2012 and has been active in researching and promoting information relating to the alternative system as practiced by up to 40% of the world’s banks but hardly ever mentioned in the UK. Ian is acting as general secretary until August 2014.


Gruffydd Meredith is a fluent Welsh speaker, music producer and publisher committed to Wales moving towards a ‘grown up’ banking system. Gruff is taking on the role of treasurer until August 2014.


Robert Gronow is in his early 60’s semi-retired, spent 40 plus years running his own business, small to medium business sector. Having operated from the shop floor to Managing Director. Bob knows how to sit behind the desk with the sign “The Buck Stops Here” with his life’s money not someone elses, there are no excuses or get outs. His personal experience with traditional Banking has taught him how punitive and extractive it is. His belief and experience has taught him how vitally critical it is for all of society to have a Sound Equitable Banking Culture. One that provides a mutually beneficial banking service to all of society not just the exclusive few. Bob is highly motivated and committed to investing his life’s experience in “Arian Cymru” “Wales/Cymru and the wider society.



If you would like to be considered for future Arian Cymru directorship please get in touch.